Case Study: American Fair Credit AssociationCASE STUDY: American Fair Credit Association contracted NBS to perform a complete caging operation of all credit card mail solicitations. American Fair Credit Association (AFCA), is a secured credit card issuer in Denver, Colorado. AFCA mails solicitations to individuals who have trouble qualifying for credit cards. These individuals would complete credit applications.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International UnionCASE STUDY: HEREIU contracted NBS to incorporate diverse data from their Health and Welfare Payment. Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (HEREIU), had been trying to complete their Pension History project for a number of years. NBS had several meetings with HEREIU to discuss the.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: Bridgestone/FirestoneCASE STUDY: Bridgestone/Firestone contracted National Business Systems (NBS) to provide data entry for approximately 300,000 claim forms on a defective tire product recall. Bridgestone/Firestone was involved in the product recall of over 6,000,000 defective tires. The recall received virtually unprecedented national attention. Bridgestone/Firestone contracted with National Business Systems to provide the data entry of all the Recall.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: ECICASE STUDY: ECI contracted NBS to process ECI applications that included Mail Processing, Order Processing, Imaging, and Data Entry. ECI is a publishing organization which specializes in the Education Industry. ECI publishes a number of commemorative publications which recognize exceptional achievement by high school and college students. Among the publications are "Who's Who Among American High School Students" and "The National.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: Dept of Consumer AffairsCASE STUDY: The State of New Jersey, Department of Consumer Affairs contracted NBS to process 1.8 million documents to be used in litigation support. The Department of Consumer Affairs for The State of New Jersey was requested to investigate consumer complaints regarding questionable work being done at the Sears Roebuck & Company Automotive Centers. Sears allegedly was charging customers for 4-wheel alignments, when it was questionable if the vehicle could have a 4-wheel alignment.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: Litigation SupportCASE STUDY: Litigation Support: In late 2008, NBS was contacted by a large regional bank to address their litigation needs. Our client became involved in a lawsuit related to commercial real estate litigation. To accurately represent themselves, the bank was responsible for retrieving all the documentation available and providing to the attorneys involved in the legal proceedings. This proved to be a challenge because the documentation needed for the case.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: Medical Instruments ProviderCASE STUDY: Medical instruments Provider wishes to make their statements more informative and provide better information to their sales offices. With the growth of a medical equipment provider brought about the need to customize their invoices and statements in order to provide better information and make these documents more user friendly for the clients. The sales offices were also able to make changes to the bills and sometimes information was slow in coming to the corporate offices.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Case Study: OCE - National Business SystemsCASE STUDY: National Business Systems - Finding the Best Way to Automate Workflow to Position for Future Growth. The world has changed in National Business Systems' 32-year history, and the company has evolved with it. A data entry and data capture firm in the 1970's, today NBS is a thriving, privately owned printing and mailing services business.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

Article: Bank Statement OutsourcingARTICLE: Community Banks Hit Home Run Outsourcing Statement Printing. NBS Services Reduce Bank Statement Costs, Strengthen Customer Relationships: In the competitive environment of banking, growth and profits are harder to achieve than ever before. Minnesota- based National Business Systems (NBS) is providing banks a powerful way to drive process efficiencies and cost savings.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More

White Paper: Returned MailWHITE PAPER: The Unexpected Costs and Consequences for Your Bank. Do you know how much returned mail is costing your organization? Due to the strict legal requirements and compliance standards in the banking industry, the impact that returned mail can have on an organization is frequently overlooked. But did you know that every piece of undeliverable mail—whether it be an important financial notice or monthly statement.....ArrowArrowArrow Read More


Intensive analysis of an individual unit (e.g., a person, group, or event) stressing developmental factors in relation to context.


A piece of writing on a specific topic, by one or more authors, that forms an independent part of a periodical publication such as a journal or serial, magazine, or newspaper.