Government Markets Served by NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. offers and performs services for a vast array of government services clients in a variety of areas within the government communities. State, County and City governments are the main areas for the services we provide. In order to perform the complicated tax form, assessment notices and municipal billing designs (to name a few) to meet our government client needs, NBS utilizes GMC software - as well as internally developed software and processes - to create incredible transformations of transactional communication components for these government clients. NBS works in conjunction with the State, County, and City governments to create the "best possible components" to meet their needs. Proper layout design is exactly what separates NBS from our competitorswith in the government field. Incorporating transactional messages into the property tax, utility bills or other government documents, allows our government clients to communicate additional needed components to their recipients - areas that may be overlooked without the support from NBS.

As National Business Systems, Inc. focuses on additional government departments to add to their growing list of clients participating in the transformations that NBS provides to the government markets, more and more State, County and City governments see the benefit of making the switch to NBS.

NBS provides print and mail services, including complete redesign tools, and offers additional services such as electronic notifications and online image storage and data repositories for quicker and easier review and retrieval of government documents.

NBS provides redaction services within the government market to assist in the security of personal information and to help eliminate identity theft. NBS continues to grow at an alarming rate within the government community.


NBS provides print, mail, scanning, OCR, data entry and online archive services for many of our county government clients.


NBS provides property tax statement printing and mailing services as well as assessment notice, license renewal and late payment reminder services to many of our government clients.