Financial Markets We ServeNational Business Systems, Inc. recently completed a large, complex project involving a very high-profile mortgage loan origination company. NBS received loan documents and supporting documentation in file folders. NBS personnel sorted through each individual folder and identified groups of documents, based upon a vast manifest outlining document types, Documents were scanned and indexed. Indexing was based upon the document type. Pages were merged together and placed into our SODA (Secure Online Data Access) product. Loan buyers were then able to quickly and efficiently retrieve documents for any given loan. Our client was able to realize substantial gains by reducing their turn-time on determining if a specific loan was a viable option for purchase. NBS utilized an in-house developed specialty sort and scan function for this client due to the uniqueness of the project.

Healthcare Industries We ServeNational Business Systems, Inc. recently completed a project involving the largest healthcare plan provider in the United States. The healthcare plan provider required assistance sending out plan information to plan subscribers. The booklets were previously inserted into 9 x 12 window envelopes prior to arrival at NBS. NBS created a unique system consisting of high speed conveyor belts and machine vision OCR cameras and sensors. The cameras were used to capture the zip codes contained within the window compartment of the envelope, transfer to a database and store for future use - all at an extremely high speed. A program internally developed at NBS allowed operators in the production area to quickly and efficiently determine the best method for sorting the envelopes by zip code. Sorting of all envelopes by zip code ensured that the healthcare plan provider received postal discounts on the majority of all packages and at a low clerical cost due to the unique sort function designed by NBS.

Government Industries We ServeNational Business Systems, Inc. recently completed a project involving one of the largest counties in the state of Illinois. The County was looking to have their historical deed records available in digital format. The problem the county had was that the deed records were on microfilm, and scanned by page. Each frame of microfilm could contain multiple deeds and/or partial deeds. NBS converted the microfilm to digital format, used OCR Technology to determine XY coordinates for beginning and ending area of a deed record based on recording number- possibly over multiple pages - and "snippitizing" the image using tools built in-house. NBS reassembled the image(s) to include a single deed record. Data Entry services were performed to capture book, page and recording numbers to use for cross-verification that correct recording numbers and deeds were captured.

Manufacturing Industries We ServeNational Business Systems, Inc. recently completed a project involving one of the world's largest Outdoor Power Equipment manufacturers. The project consisted of using the client's product registration database (maintained at NBS) and extracting specific customers from the database based on criteria selected to optimize the highest returns. The project required a sell-in period for the manufacturer's distribution and dealership network. The sell-in period required marketing materials to be designed at NBS, printed and mailed to the distribution and dealership participants. A highly-interactive website was designed for interaction between dealership, distribution, NBS and the parent client and to process participation signups. Live checks, printed using the high-speed MICR check printers located at NBS, were sent to client's customer base with an offer to use the checks toward the purchase of a new product. An incredible redemption level more than twice the national avarage for direct-mail campaigns was achieved. Distribution and dealerships were able to monitor the status daily as checks cleared through the bank. This project included the mailing, processing and handling of over $15,000,000 in checks.

Specialty Industries We ServeNational Business Systems, Inc. recently completed a project involving one of the largest Catholic Universities in the United States. The project consisted on converting millions of documents extracted from the University's storage system. The documents were in a proprietary format that NBS first converted tonative format using programs developed in-house for proper identification and renaming. Once documents were identified and documented through an internally designed NBS database, all images were run through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program to identify sensitive information containing Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers and Account Numbers. NBS then used its internally developed redaction process to redact each area on documents needing redaction. A second pass of all images was done via human interaction to identify any areas that may have contained sensitive information but not identified using the OCR software. After redaction and verification was complete, NBS provided the university with a manifest documenting all images with redaction applied, as well as the images in the format originally received.


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