Specialty Markets Served by NBSNational Business Systems, Inc. offers and performs services for a variety of what NBS considers specialty industries. Collection Agencies, Logistics, Food Distributors, Class-Action Lawsuits, and Google (among many others) are the mainstay for the services we provide within these specialty markets. NBS utilizes all of the services we provide to assist our clients within the specialty markets we serve. From our data entry and scanning departments to printing and mailing services, NBS works in conjunction with all of our clients to create the "best possible components" for their business, and their customers. Our project management group will take any client need and transform it into a workflow designed for the client and NBS to work from together. NBS develops workflow processes that are extremely detailed and accurately depict the steps needed to achive the desired goal of the client. Our clients, in all the markets we serve, have commented on the ease of understanding the steps required to complete their projects based on the workflows NBS presents. Our project management team works with every client to develop a strategy and ask questions before beginning the project. At times, a detailed workflow is provided to prospects in response to a Request for Proposal or in advance of an upcoming meeting with a client's upper management during the decision making process.

NBS provides services to our specialty market clients ranging from data entry, to document imaging and microfilm conversion scanning, to database management and data analysis, to printing and mailing a variety of different components, to online data and document storage, to web presentment and electronic notifications. A termendous amount of services all under one roof.

By outsourcing production and distribution process to NBS, our clients can streamline critical processes and make life easier for stretched internal operations and IT departments. Using our professional data experience, state-of-the-art operational resources, and software tools, NBS helps our clients drive down costs, simplify workflow, and use our knowledge and understanding of incorporating transactional documents into the mix to meet and exceed their customer's expectations.

Many of our clients have realized an overall project cost reduction of 20%-40% by outsourcing their data and document needs to NBS. This savings decreases the need by our clients for expanded operations and employee infrastructure allowing our clients to fucs on their core competencies.

Contact NBS for any outsourcing service requirments your business may need. Printing, Mailing, Scanning and Data Entry in a timely, accurate manner is what makes NBS a leader in the data and document management marketplace.


NBS eliminates the hassle of getting letters and notices out. By outsourcing this production and distribution, agencies can streamline this critical process and make life easier for stretched internal operations and IT departments


NBS has provided services ranging from scanning paper or microfilm conversion to OCR, print and mail for a variety of different situations involving class-action lawsuits. Providing clients with proper data in a timely manner is our "specialty".